No cure No pay

As a customer we offer you the "no cure no pay" model, because we expect to achieve a cost reduction on your purchasing. This means that if we cannot present you with a cost saving, you will not be charged for our service

Our interests are the same as yours, to achieve the biggest possible savings on your products.

As our statics shows, we have already achieved remarkable results for our customers, savings that the customers will benefit from, as long as the product exists

We have in average achieved a cost reduction on 23% on all projects we have attended, and never less than 10%

None of our customers has had any expenses working with us, since we only cost a percentage of the saving we have implemented.

We expect an open and honest dialog, where you as a customer are willing to support us with the data we need. In return we offer full discretion and a professional handling of the project.

Your advantage will besides a saving on your product, also be a better understanding of your products cost, and your subcontractors cost calculations.

We have until now just meet positive customers, who has strengthened their sales possibilities after EPS has price optimized their products.

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