EMS Negotiation


With our concept we offer you a unique resource saving and professional approach in choosing a new EMS and negotiating your price at excisting EMS. With our many years of experience within the EMS industry, purchasing of components and outsourcing, our services are based on expert knowledge.

When using an EMS, experience, understanding of a sub suppliers cost, production methods and material cost is necessary in order to develop the relation and at the same time save money.


What can you expect.

Starting with an analysis of the BOM you want to outsource, or already have outsourced, we identify 1-3 competent sub suppliers.

These will be chosen using strategic profiles and analysis. The goal is to find suppliers that match your strategy and competences to produce your products. 

EPS sends out RFQ´s and negotiates your components and production cost. Furthermore we evaluate the EMS cost calculations to secure you a competitive cost.